Quarantine Into Teachable Moments

COVID 19 : 9 Tips to Make Coronavirus Into Teachable Moments

The world is facing massive public health challenge due to coronavirus. The disease has just erupted at the very beginning of spring. Everyone is facing the devastative effects of this pandemic, feeling dangerous and finding no way out except stay at home. But, quarantine is also raising psychological and physical health-related issues. People are suffering from long term social distancing to cope with the spread of this pandemic. But, we should not lose hope and keep trying to make the most of this vast time in a productive way. We can not only teach our children but also can learn new skills and improvise our financial condition and worth of resume as well. Moreover, you can also teach them about the importance of hygiene to save their life. We can treat this quarantine as an opportunity to cope with our weaknesses and to build new productive habits for future betterment. For instance, we should encourage our children to learn computer-based skills to inculcate demanding skills and improvise the worth of their resumes as well. Same as we can, as a teacher or as a parent, to encourage them to learn the traits of leaders from reading biographies of legends, etc. These kinds of activities will help them to explore their hidden potential in quarantine time. We are responsible for making this time fruitful for them. How? Read this article to know in detail!

Homeschool your children

As we all know that the academic year is wasting due to school closure all around the world. This long period of distance from school is trusting the cognitive and learning power of students. So, parents need to give homeschooling to their children. Moreover, they can ask their teachers to take online classes to keep in touch with students. This activity will keep them connected, and they will not lose their interest in studies even in school closure situations.

Read legends biographies collaborate

Studen6ts are all the time at home. They are getting bore. Even they want to play all the time. But, it is your responsibility to invest their time in helpful and productive activities. This is the best time to spend with them and build positive habits in them. For instance, you should read biographies of past and present legends with them, with a cup of coffee so that they will come to know about the practical and fruitful traits of the world legends. Moreover, they will try to follow them. It will not only increase their knowledge but also help them to adopt a positive lifestyle.

Improvise their academic skills

Everyone is different from another. Some students are outstanding in English but weak in math and vice versa. Sop that, why are you waiting. The school is close; they do not have to do homework. You can reduce your weaknesses in a particular subject. Moreover, you can also teach those subjects which they are good at, to improvise their grade. Similarly, you can teach them complex ideas with the help of online sources and make the most of this time. Furthermore, try to explain them with online maps and graphs for better understanding. They will not only take interest to learn but also it will boost their confidence in the classroom.

Explore their potential

You are spending more time with your children than usual. This is the time to explore their potential while indulging them in different activities. Give them various tasks daily. For instance, you can ask them to write a story; it will polish their writing skills. Similarly, you can ask them to bake pizza, cookies, or cake. Moreover, you can also give them a task to run 30 minutes to improvise their health. These multiple different activities will not let them getting bore in social distancing time. Furthermore, it will help you to find the actual potential of your child.

Encourage them to be creative

The world is doing different things in quarantine to make their time productive. You can also encourage your children to do what he wants to do. For instance f he wants to show his art or writing potential to the world, help him through online tools. This is the time to do something new and productive. Even he can pursue it as a business in the future after seeing a ratio of likes on his work. Similarly, Nursing Essay writing offers many tips and tricks to find the real potential of the child through its research-based content.

Guide them hygiene importance

Yes, we are facing a devastative pandemic affects. We must teach our children and Youngers about hygiene importance to save their lives. This is the best time to teach them how a virus can spread if they will not do specific steps. Moreover, teach them about the appropriate steps to wash hands after sometime consistently. Besides the usage of sanitizer and guide them to boost their stamina to fight with the virus as well because you can compete with it with substantial strength.

Teach them new skills

Everyone is getting bored at home due to the closure of schools, colleges, offices, and factories. This is the actual time to make the most of this quarantine. You can teach new skills to your child to help them in their future. Moreover, it will also make a positive impact on all. For instance, teach them gardening. It will not only build skills in him but also take positive environmental effects for your surroundings. Similarly, you can also make affection for plants and nature in them.


Improvise their IT skills

All students are requested to learn technical education or skills. As we are observing that teachers and students are using online mediums and applications to take classes to continue the academic year. Students are facing issues due to a lack of knowledge. But, this is the time, do not discourage yourself. Learn technical education and improve your worth. Moreover, you can get yourself enrolled in free online courses and increase the number of certifications.

Improve their general knowledge

Tell them how a pandemic, same like coronavirus, in Italy did massacre on masses. Aware that the outbreak of the epidemic, related researches, a virus are spreading activities and cure. It will not only reduce the number of affected people but also aware of them how the cell is affecting and damaging the respiratory system. This will increase their awareness of the immunity system and the importance of healthy activities.


Everyone is in quarantine and getting bore and becoming a mental patient due to long term social distancing. But, you do not need to waste this time. It is precious time for all elders to make the most of it through their effective actions. They can motivate their Youngers to improvise their cognition, technical skills, and help them to explore their potential. You can teach them multiple skills, like, writing, cooking, gardeni9ng, computing or communicating, etc. Moreover, you can inculcate good and productive habits in them while telling them stories about the real legends and their traits. It will help them to adopt productive and useful habits after getting impressed with their personalities. So make the most of this time. Start now!

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