Tips to Make Proofreading an Easier

10 Tips to Make Proofreading an Easier Task for You

Who does not want to be flawless at writing essays? Essay writing is a form of art. With the need for articles in our everyday homework and assignments, you must learn to write competent articles. No matter what topic or genre you are aiming for, if you know the art, you can do it quickly. It is a step by step method, and one significant step in the essay writing niche is proofreading. Proofreading refers to the final phase of your essay writing plan. It is about rechecking the written article and correcting its errors. But it is often quite difficult to trace your own mistakes. Hence, we have a list of smart tips and tricks which will make it a lot easier for you to make amendments in your essay and turn it flawless. The given ten tips will make change the way you look at proofreading:


1. Concentrate:

The key to proofreading is concentration. You must pay proper attention and avoid all sorts of distractions during it. Your attentiveness will cause error analysis easier and better for you. Hence, choose a peaceful environment and make sure that no interruptions will occur while you are at it. Do it when your concentration level is at maximum. If you feel inattentive, then you should do it some other time. Do not rush it. It takes time for your mind to freshen up and focus.


2. Be A Critic:

Being biased towards your writing will not help the cause at all. Be a critic and deal with it the same way. Refresh yourself before sitting down to proofread it and handle it like it is someone else’s. Forget the plot and read it to make sure everything makes sense. Also, keep in mind that all you are trying to do is improving the piece. Carefully trace out each mistake and rectify it in a way that fits. You will achieve your target this way. 


3. Read it Out Loud:

It may sound like an old school piece of advice to you, but in reality, it helps a lot. Read your essay aloud to let your ears hear it correctly. If something does not feel right, you will sense it while listening to it instead of reading it. Your eyes may have missed something while scanning, but your tongue and ears will know if there is a mistake. If you feel that something is hard to read, it might also be difficult for others to do so. Fix those phrases and try to keep your essay simple to read and comprehend. 


4. Take Time:

It will help if you do not rush into proofreading your article right after you have written it. As your mind will not be fresh enough to grasp the possible mistakes. Also, you would still be in that phase that you wrote it in. It will make it difficult for you to locate and rectify your mistakes. Hence, take some time before you proofread it. It is better to take a nap after writing the essay so you will refresh your memory a little and read it as if you are doing it for the first time. 


5. Edit When Done:

A common mistake done by the writers is they start proofreading even before they finish writing the essay. That will ruin your approach at writing if you keep on rephrasing it and focusing on the correctness instead of authenticity. Only begin proofreading after you have written the essay. This way, you will stay true to the real nature of the article and will not lose its original flavor.


6. An Analytical Approach:

Proofreading is not creative or artistic. It is a scientific method and focuses on the accuracy of the piece more than creativity. Keep it that way. If you alter its nature, you might end up with more mistakes. Recheck the essay for grammatical and spelling errors and adjust it accordingly. Dissertation Writing Service has been working its way up using the same analytical approach in its work. 


7. One Thing at A Time:

Your brain cannot process all types of mistakes at once. If you are going for spellcheck, do not start with the grammatical errors until or unless you have corrected the spelling mistakes. Taking one thing at a time will prevent complicating the task for you. Otherwise, your mind will be perplexed by the burden. Also, do not omit punctuational errors as they are an essential aspect of essay writing. 


8. Take It Slow:

As said before, do not rush it. Whenever you have a deadline for an essay, always leave adequate time for proofreading as it takes time. If you do not have enough time for it, then you are likely to submit an article with many mistakes and errors. Keep the checking task slow and steady so that you will be able to focus thoroughly. You are likely to overlook many issues if you speed up the process. Give each phrase and word enough time to check and process. 


9. Read It Backwards:

Sounds weird, right? Well, it is quite beneficial. When you read something over and over again, your brain might not be able to detect the flaws then. Reading it backward will prevent you from jumping words and will help you identify spelling errors and even grammatical mistakes. Try it out and see how it works for yourself.


10. Check Again:

Proofreading is not a one-time thing. You will need to read your article multiple times to ensure accuracy. Even when you think that you have fully corrected it, you must check again. Take breaks between the checks to see the article from a new perspective each time. Do not tire yourself out as it will bring out your focus. Checking again will help you to locate your faults more proficiently. You can also use a tool or get it checked from another person to achieve perfection. After all the precautions and checks, give it one final look. And you are done! 

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